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Sunday  Day Pass Sunday Day Pass

Price: $ 100.00
Sale Price: $ 50.00

The World of Cult Wines The World of Cult Wines
Saturday September 21nd
11:00 am - 12:00 m

Price: $ 60.00
Sale Price: $ 45.00
» Wine Tasting Seminar

Coffee and Macaron Seminar Coffee and Macaron Seminar
Saturday 21st
12:30 pm. - 2:30 pm
The competition is heated and the pressure is on (in a manner of speaking), as some of the nation’s top baristas try to make the perfect demitasse of espresso. There is a great deal more skill involved in making a well-balanced cappuccino than the average coffee lover realizes. An exceptional palate is required to calculate the ideal coffee-to-water ratio, the ideal temperature to froth the milk, and an artisan’s touch is necessary in crafting a beverage that is aesthetically pleasing to all the senses. From its humble origins, the art of the barista has evolved into a complex discipline involving all facets and knowledge of coffee production, preparation and appreciation. This event will showcase expert baristas demonstrating their skill and knowledge in a competitive setting as they vie to win the inaugural Summit Wine & Food Festival’s Barista Challenge. Coffee lovers are sure to have a good time as they watch and learn from the best in the craft while enjoying their favorite beverage. You will develop a newfound appreciation for the person behind the espresso machine at the local coffee house and you’ll never look at that morning “cup o’ Joe” the same way again!
Price: $ 65.00
Sale Price: $ 45.00

Culinary Presentation: The Grain of the Gods: Corn in the Criollo Kitchen Culinary Presentation: The Grain of the Gods: Corn in the Criollo Kitchen
Saturday, September 21st
3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
First harvested by Mesoamerican peoples in pre-historic times, Corn (or more properly, Maize) has had a bigger impact on the cuisine of this hemisphere than any other food product. A staple food long before the Europeans arrived, this cereal grain soon became a favorite with the new settlers, who creatively used it (and other indigenous foods) in their traditional European dishes; giving rise to what we today would call “Criollo” (Creole) cuisine.
Price: $ 60.00
Sale Price: $ 45.00
» Hosted by: Maricel Presilla

Spirit and Cocktails Seminar Spirit and Cocktails Seminar
Sunday 22nd
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
It's time to rethink refreshments. Increasingly, more office parties and even social gatherings are becoming alcohol-free events. Soda and iced tea are a good start, but if you're throwing a special party, offer your guests something special. You can serve a tasty punch, "mocktail", or beverage without including the alcohol.
Price: $ 60.00
Sale Price: $ 45.00

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