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    Dipinti Pinot Grigio   2011 Dipinti Pinot Grigio


    750 ml
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    Name Dipinti Pinot Grigio 
    Vintage 2011 
    Main Grape Pinot Grigio 
    Region Trentino 
    Country Italy 
    Producer La Vis 
    SKU 10536 
    Golden yellow color. Delicately perfumed with scents of flowers and spice, it features almond, tangerine and apricot fruits. Softly textured and balanced with a crisp citrus finish. A delicious aperitif or pair with seafood and salads.

    The La Vis logo is a rustic wheel that both symbolizes and pays homage to the Rhetians, the ancestral settlers of the Tyrolean Alps. Today, the ancient wheel has come to signify the unceasing energy and spirit of cooperation exhibited by the growers and members of the Cantina La Vis and Valle di Cembra. The spokes of the wheel represent the synergy generated by the over 1,300 growers who make up the Cantina La Vis and Valle di Cembra. Founded in 1948, La Vis enjoys its ideal location in the heart of Trentino. There, vineyards situated from the valley floor, to altitudes ranging from 800 to 2,500 feet A.S.L. flourish. Above all, it is quality that guides La Vis. With that motivation they embarked on the remarkably ambitious project known as zonazione. Here, La Vis exploits its unique symbiotic relationship with the renowned enological institute San Michele all'Adige. Each vineyard was evaluated and its soil composition analyzed. Altitude, prevailing wind, typical precipitation and exposition were next considered before determining the best varietals to be planted and the optimum way to cultivate a particular site. The result of these efforts are critically acclaimed world-class wines that deftly integrate tradition and technology. La Vis created the Dipinti series, which highlights the unique characteristics of eight varietals grown in this part of Trentino. The painting on each label in the La Vis Dipinti series was created by Italian artist Paola de Manincor. Each of the Dipinti depicts a scene from the "Storie di Vite" (Life in the Vineyard).

    Food Recommendation
    Fish, Poultry

    Cheese Recommendation
    Soft Cheeses

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